At Last, LG

By the time I was approaching my seventeenth birthday, I had had many first kisses and given many first kisses. I had gotten my first kiss behind my school, given two in a hot tub, had a romantic first kiss in Paris, and an awkward stolen kiss on a couch in a basement, all at sixteen years old. Through it all was Miles, watching from the sidelines since we were thirteen and met playing Laurey and Curly in Oklahoma! He was always a constant in my life, a good friend to talk to, so easy to be open with. My junior year in high school, we ended up involved in a love triangle involving one of his best friends. Being a teenager ruled by hormones, I chose to be with Josh, and we frivolously dated while Miles watched once again. After four months, I realized Josh was never going to be anything more than just a pretty boy, and we parted ways. Finally, Miles had the chance he’d been waiting for for years. Three weeks later, he took my hand and said, “I can’t help but smile when I think about being with you” and I realized I had been waiting more than three years for him to be able to say that to me. I had another first kiss and got to give him his real first kiss. This time, he didn’t have to watch.


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