Second Chance at a First Kiss

I am 35 yrs young. Have had plenty of first kisses. But recently I actually experienced “it”. It was St. Patricks Day. So maybe a little “luck-of-the irish” thing was going on. I was newly separated from my husband of 10 years and out on the town to celebrate. I was doing alot of flirting with everyone. Just having a good time. I happen to be a smoker and use the tactic of borrowing cigarettes to meet people. Well, that night I did the same. I approached a guy I thought was pretty cute. It was a nice meeting, but there was “something” that made it different from the rest. First, he only just moved here to the US from a foreign country about 6 months ago, so the language barrier was huge. Talking was at a minimum. We let our eyes do the communicating. Second, only after about 10 minutes a strange connection developed. And that’s when the First Kiss happened. Some say “don’t expect fireworks”. But the second our lips touched, that’s exactly what happened. A very dizzying experience. A “take your breath away” kind-of thing. Now you have to understand that we were in the middle of a huge bar party. People everywhere, cameras flashing, band playing, etc… I also am NOT the kind of person that is into Public Displays of Affection. But when that kiss happened, it was like I was in this bubble of bright light. Nothing else mattered, as if everyone else had disappeared. Like we were alone in our own world. With just a dull roar of the surroundings around us. This kiss lasted for over 1 hour. No lie. My lips were so swollen and numb afterwards, till morning. There was so much passion there, like we had known each other forever and just reunited after a long absence. It was just like those scenes in movies or stories in romance novels that are just too unrealistic to be believable. The ones you fantasize over. There was so much confusion over the feelings (for the both of us) that it seemed we just had to keep kissing until we figured out why we needed to. We could not get enough of each other. And not just that, the kiss was absolutely Perfect. P-E-R-F-E-C-T !! Not one fault could be found. It was if our kissing techniques were identicle. There was no clumsiness or hesitation. None. And the best part of it all, is that we have seen each other a few times since then and it is the same every time. It is like a first kiss all over again. Needless to say I am absolutely smitten. If for some reason I would never see him again, every kiss from then on would be compared to his, and probably come up sorely lacking. I am so greatful that I have been able to experience this. It is one of those moments that will forever be burned into my memory. My whole outlook on life has changed. I now believe.


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