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Blast from The Past

November 7, 2009

This kiss was originally posted in October of 2006. -ed

The new guy at our school that year was named Abel. He was really into sports and cussed a lot and I didn’t think he was very cute but all the other girls liked him. During the intermission of our “Gotta Dance” talent show a bunch of us were hanging out on the back cement steps. He said something to the effect of not liking my lipstick color and I busted out with a line that I felt could have been in a movie,

“Then take it off.” He proceeded to kiss me. It was pinched and dry and imperceptibly violent, as if he knew I was using him to shock our classmates. As if he knew he was not the kind of boy I was supposed to¬†find attractive.

Thanks to Jacque Lynn Schiller, for sharing her story all over again.
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