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Alyssa, 15

December 16, 2009

It happened a month before I turned fifteen at Turnabout, which is a dance where the girls ask the guys. I asked a guy I really liked but did a good job to keep it so we’re just friends because he really isn’t the type of person a girl would like and I was kind of afraid of what other people would think. I guess one would say he’s not “boyfriend material” but there was something about him that made me like him anyways. We didn’t talk a lot of the night because we were both busy talking with our friends. But sometime during the actual dance I went up to him during and asked if he wanted to get some air. I was starting to get a headache from talking so much. We went out of the gym and towards the doors and sat outside on the steps. I didn’t care that it was freezing- it was the middle of February- I was just happy to not have to deal with all the noise in the gym. We started talking about how dumb turnabout was and how cliche our school was. I guess the kiss just kind of happened… We were sitting really close and yeah, we kissed. I had never felt such an intense rush of nervousness and excitement in one. Afterwards, we kind of smiled (in an awkward way) and went back inside. The end. 🙂